Saturday, November 10, 2012


I heard about, Brooks Jensen's book, LETTING GO OF THE CAMERA, while watching Steve Gosling's Webinar titled, PHOTOGRAPHING FROM THE HEART, and I highly recommend both for inspiration and guidance.

The Kindle version of,  LETTING GO OF THE CAMERA, is filled with memorable thoughts, musings and ideas.  I was so impressed that I ordered a used copy of the "real" book (with the intention of highlighting and cutting out quotes). What a surprise--the used copy arrived, signed on the title page by the author.  My intentions flew out the window.   This book, in my opinion, gets a HUGE thumbs up.

Steve Gosling's Webinar is informative and gets to the "heart" of what makes a good photograph.

 Steve Gosling presents Photographing from the heart on Vimeo#

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