Saturday, November 10, 2012


I heard about, Brooks Jensen's book, LETTING GO OF THE CAMERA, while watching Steve Gosling's Webinar titled, PHOTOGRAPHING FROM THE HEART, and I highly recommend both for inspiration and guidance.

The Kindle version of,  LETTING GO OF THE CAMERA, is filled with memorable thoughts, musings and ideas.  I was so impressed that I ordered a used copy of the "real" book (with the intention of highlighting and cutting out quotes). What a surprise--the used copy arrived, signed on the title page by the author.  My intentions flew out the window.   This book, in my opinion, gets a HUGE thumbs up.

Steve Gosling's Webinar is informative and gets to the "heart" of what makes a good photograph.

 Steve Gosling presents Photographing from the heart on Vimeo#

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Developing a style is very important and amazingly it evolves and emerges over time.  The more we shoot, the more we know.   And, the more we know, the better we become.  We do not find our individual, unique style quickly.  Style is a seasoned acquisition.   Like anything worthwhile...patience pays off.

Keep shooting.  Pay attention to what you enjoy (what you love), then shoot more in that genre.   Little by little skills are honed.  This does not happen overnight.   We have to "pay our dues."  Be patient, be vigilante and success will be yours.