Wednesday, September 11, 2019


So glad I am recuperating at home.  Here I can follow a plan combining rest and activity.  Off to see a doctor today.  First clean up kitchen (dishes), etc.  Next shower and a little bit of laundry sorting.  Will do a couple of small loads when I get a minute.  Main exercise activity:  walking.  We have breezeways where undercover I can walk back and forth taking in lots of fresh air and sunshine.  Also, looking forward to sitting on my little porch where I can sip coffee, read and relax.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Self Care While Healing from Major Surgery

Setting Daily Goals when Healing.  One or two little “to do” things is enough.  Today will play Put Away (small things like filing papers—weight under 5 pounds).  Hope to retrieve a favorite quilt from cleaner.  I will have someone else carry the quilt because it is way too heavy for me.

Saw some magnificent pie crust art on Facebook.  Awesome.  Did some research because those designs took my breath away.  Wow!  Our world is filled with creative souls and they are inspiring.