Sunday, April 14, 2019


Before words there were drawings, pictures of life—daily happenings—simple things—the mundane.



Friday, April 12, 2019

Digital Sepia and/or Bromoil?

Bromoil and Sepia processes challenged me years ago and I am curious again.

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Things To Look For When Taking Photographs

Interesting Subjects — What Do You Love?
Shoot what you love. For me, that would be primitive antiques. I love to see old functional things like furniture and useful, as well as decorative pieces. Right now I am looking at the back of a handmade ladder back chair. It is fabulous (in my opinion).

Insert Image Here

Beauty is everywhere. Old glass is particularly intriguing with its rough pontils and blown glass bubbles. Blue slip salt glazed stoneware pottery is a favorite of mine. Also Canton blue and white dishes from the 1700s. When searching for these treasures, keep in mind that early plates have no maker’s marks. Beauty In Nature—Flowers, Plants, Trees, Paths, Formations, Moss, Sand, Beaches, Rocks, Stones, Gems, Water, Weeds, Wildflowers,  etc., etc.

Move objects to get the best use of light and shadow in the photograph and/or move yourself. Walk around. Three steps in any direction (forward, back, to the right, to the left) can make a huge difference in what you see.

Read up on variations of composition. The use of odd numbered objects: one, three, five, seven. Odd is more interesting that even, however this rule is often broken. Overlap things so they flatter each other. Keep in mind that your subject is the “star of the show.”

Examples: rough/smooth (old, rough wood/velvet); soft/hard (cotton ball clouds/stones); life and death i.e. living things shown with unusual artifacts, etc.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Evolving Style

As we progress on this photographic journey, our style evolves.  It just happens.  One thing that helps that evolvement is choosing to be different.  Choose a different approach.  There comes a point where our work looks like a thousand other images and that is when it is time to take second (or third) look at what we are doing and ask, “How can I make my work stand out?”

Some Things to Think About
Choose a different angle when shooting.
Unique light can make a huge difference.  Light and dark add mood and drama.

Look for textures.  Pay attention to colors.  Simplify.  Are there subtle tonal changes in color, design and composition.  Bland and boring, or exciting and interesting?  For instance, white on white can be filled with a plethora of colors—the different shades of white.  Seeing is fine tuned and we see differently.  Our uniqueness can be found in how we “see.”

                                                                           GOOD MORNING!     

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hmmmm...What To Do Today?

Chuckling to myself because keeping a blog up-to-date isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Instead of zipping here and there, I shuffle.  Yesterday I went hunting for the cross stitch piece. It is here. I found it hiding in a box of little treasures.  As soon as day breaks, I will start a still life.  Thinking...what to show, what to share. Planning a still life involves thought.  It is a rare moment when I see something and “click” without thinking about composition, impact and meaning.*

Composition is crucial.  How can you lead the viewer into the image?  Color is important. Leading  lines are important and, so is your message.  What is your message?

Comments like, “Everyone can take a good photograph with the new digital cameras or a smart phone,” makes my blood boil.  Not true.  Some good photos are taken, yes.  But, consistently, no.  It takes an accomplished photographer, one who “sees,” or as they say, “has a good eye;” insight, knowledge and a deep understanding of the medium to consistently take memorable images.  This brings us back to practice. The more you do, the better you will be.

                                                               SIMPLE PLEASURES

Remember:  Be Good, Do Good, then Strive to be Better.

The only reason for fast shooting would be a matter of time, i.e. take the picture quickly, or the action will be gone forever.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Spring Is Here!


This is my first post in a long time.  Finally, I am ready to push forward—to surround myself with intelligent, thought-provoking folks who understand the artist.  I mention this because artists are a different breed.  They are a separate tribe. 

Time for a new start—a fresh beginning.  Lately I have been thinking about some possible diversions. Things to do when craving a time out.  I remember creating a small cross stitch piece years ago for another blog and for some reason that little square keeps popping into my mind.  The ways of the past seem to be fading as new technology presses forward and I am not keen on having the old ways get lost in the shuffle. It is important to put pen to paper, needle to cloth and/or spoon to bowl. There is energy in the personal touch.  There is nothing like having a “hands on” apprach to any creative endeavor. 

The old ways are often good ways.  Let us remember.  A simple photograph, with clean lines and a clear message, is powerful without the benefit of a dozen apps to make an image better.  Perhaps the original is the best there is.  There is no need for improvement.  There is no need to beat something to death by overdoing.  Fresh and simple is usually the best way to go.  After taking the shot, sleep on it.  A look in the morning often will be clearer than that first glance.

Today I will find that old cross stitch piece and post a pic of it here.

I plan to start a new cross stitch and a new still life setup.  What fun it is choosing what is next!
           Follow Your Dreams     My new cross stitch project?

Suggestion:  Consider your options and do what is a comfortable choice for you.  

Remember:  Be Good, Do Good, then Strive to be Better.

Old Draft from 2015

Found this old draft (the last entry saved on this blog page, but never posted) and decided to post it so it doesn’t get lost again.  A reminder for me—a memory of how fortunate I am.

Another Beginning--I Am Alive!

Finally I am blogging.  This year I am late because of a major health setback.  What I know now is:  I never was  really sick before.  Well, now. I know what it is like and I want no part of it!  First, I couldn't breathe and was taken by ambulance (after dialing 911) to the Emergency Room. The ambulance arrived in a flash! Thank goodness!  Next they put me in a coma, in Intensive Care, to treat pneumonia and a racing heartbeat.  I only remember a series of extremely strange (weird)  dreams and I woke up in the nick of time.  Had I not opened my eyes when I did, they were going to turn off life support--they were going to pull the plug! Yikes!  Hooray, I woke up!  Well, enough of that--I don't want to remember.  Instead, I want to focus on Seeing.

IDEAS—DRAFT (In Process)

Looking At Things Differently--Discovering Goals--Things to Explore

First, there is Light.  Light is everything.  Light defines what we see.

Consider Properties for
Still Life
Composition --
Telling a Story --
Creating A Mood