Saturday, August 10, 2019

A Realization

How sad it is to know that the next generation may be missing something super powerful.  Minimalism has its advantages, but it locks out many memories.  If we keep things that are meaningful in our lives,  we are surrounded by all the moments shared by those things.  I cannot bring myself to toss away those reminders of the good times and not so good times.  The Secretary, in the living room, was a gift.  That was fifty years ago.  It shows wear and tear yet is still as regal as ever to me.

I was going to start simplifying.  I may do some of that, but I will not be as ruthless as I had planned because I changed my mind.  My things are important to me and if my kids don’t feel the same way then that is their loss.  Their loss is not going to be my loss.  I am going to enjoy my life, and my history.  I have had a great life filled with love and experiences.  I wouldn’t trade it for any other one.

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